Carlos Mavins, Jr.


Carlos Mavins, Jr. has an unwavering passion for people and works to create opportunities for others to maximize their full potential in life. After graduating from Tennessee State University, Carlos founded “Bridge to Leadership.” The purpose of the organization is to bridge the multi-generational gap for young professionals and to help with the transition into adulthood. Using this platform, Carlos travels across the world empowering the next generation of leaders, developing strategic partnerships, and consulting organizations with Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

Carlos began his professional career as a journalist, working from ABC news to on set production for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Carlos was able to learn from many leaders including: Secretary Hillary Clinton, Ambassador of Haiti, Paul Altidor, Minister Louis Farrakhan, and many others. After journalism, Carlos spent years working with the National Diversity Council. In his role, Carlos operate in the nonprofit sector and developed strategic partnerships with Fortune 500 companies like JCPenney and T-MOBILE. At the young age of 26, Carlos has barely reached the surface. Carlos will complete his Master of Business Administration in 2020 and continue to develop his Bridge to Leadership initiative. “Most people view leadership from an external view. True leadership starts from within.”