Kalan Laws

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Kalan Laws, also known as Señor Guapo, is a man of the times with a background as a media personality and curator, Professor of Government and Political Science and an aspiring designer and burgeoning stylist through his brand, Señor Guapo 713. Although he has garnered many accomplishments, Kalan’s perspective is that he is never too good to grow. The cornerstone of Kalan’s success has been rooted in his belief in three pillars: 1) the value of mentorship; 2) the necessity of continuing education; and, 3) the importance of building, as well as evolving into networks that provide mutual benefit from the connection.

Kalan’s debut into fashion was unplanned, yet so intentional. His classroom persona and unique style in the world of education as a professor inserted him into menswear and creatively dubbed him as Señor Guapo, “Mr. Handsome”. It was there, among students and even colleagues, that Kalan was able to cultivate unapologetic expertise and confidence in an area that was new and natural for him. Kalan’s persona as a stylish instructor, a noted lecturer, public speaker, and entrepreneur has earned him the endorsement of hisfellow contemporaries. Being in an artistic space, including brand curation and promotion, has evolved Kalan’s portfolio, opening doors for him to be a creative director and has earned him the tag ‘Style Influencer.’ Likewise, as a successful model who has walked the runways of New York Fashion Week, and now designer, Kalan has been able to provide perspective on the influence and impact of urban culture in the untraditional space of ready to wear for men and women, especially as classic looks have become more modern and chic. With this, Kalan has previously been the men’s style editor for an online magazine and have been a guest featured content contributor to various fashion and style publications, including being named a GQ Insider. These experiences have allowed him to build a strong book of clients including singers, filmmakers, & professional athletes while continuing to refine his keen instinct and his own distinctive style.

Moreover, while managing his contributions to the world of men’s fashion, along the way Kalan has also been able to merge his love for arts and education with a unique flair. As an academician, he is a man with a passion for international development and educational philanthropy. Kalan is the founding member of The Houston Village Foundation (a mentoring organization for underserved youth), a board member of Forward and Beyond (FAB) and, a co-host for the public affairs radio show "Impact Houston Live" on KTSU FM 90.9 FM providing a platform for discussion on community engagement, politics and metropolitan development in Houston and how it affects the urban community. In these roles, Kalan provides a voice that motivates the mind of millennials and closes the generational gap. Service in these areas has garnered attention all over the world and allowed him opportunities to be in the elite selected attendees at SXSL, hosted by President Barack Obama as well as the Black Enterprise Top 100 Modern Men.

In the multimedia space, Kalan has brought hisfashion sense and educational prowess to the Sphere TV podcast network as the host of ‘G is for Gentlemen,’ a gentlemanly lifestyle and men’s fashion broadcast. Kalan also cohosts ‘Society Now,’ another podcast where he provides social commentary mixed with pop culture. Kalan’s community engagement in the form of podcasting and radio is a piece of his contribution beyond style into leadership from the marketplace to the community. As such, Kalan has been able to provide value in integrating community leadership through raising awareness while artistically inspiring and stimulating social consciousness.

Kalan Laws is Señor Guapo - a renaissance man, style maven, and a voice of the future!