Jonathan Fries


Jonathan Fries currently serves as the Director of Second-Year & Transfer Transition Initiatives at the University of Lynchburg. In his role as Director he oversees Transfer, Adult Learner, Commuter, and Second-Year student services. He has 12 year experience working in higher education. He served as the co-chair for the Transfer Student Network and is the current co-chair of the Nontraditional Student Network for NODA the Association of Orientation, Transition, and Retention in Higher Education. He has presented at numerous conferences on Transfer, First-Year, Second-Year, and Commuter students. Past leadership roles have included the NODA Region 8 Graduate Coordinator, Chair of the Staff Advisor Committee for the University of Lynchburg, co-chair of Second-Year Success Committee, co-chair of the Transfer Task Force. He has co-coordinated the Emerging Leader Retreat for first and second year students at the University of Lynchburg for the past four years. He sits on the Board for the Friends of the Lynchburg Public library, as well as serves as the chair of the Alumni Advisory Board for Sigma Nu Fraternity at Lynchburg.